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LaLiga Launches “The MBA of LaLiga”

March 26, 2021

Through its educational department, LaLiga Business School, LaLiga is launching an international MBA, taught in English, entitled “The MBA of LaLiga”, which is focused on preparing people who want to lead change in the sports and entertainment industry.

In order to adapt to and anticipate change, this MBA features the participation of top professionals in the sports industry, and will draw from case studies from LaLiga and its 42 clubs, as well as from other sports, entertainment stakeholders and technological and digital environments, employing first-hand cutting-edge methodologies together with LaLiga’s own operational techniques and efficient mechanisms.

Another characteristic of the MBA is its commitment to equality of opportunities: it aims to increase the presence and visibility of women in positions of leadership and responsibility in the sports and entertainment industries.

Under the supervision of Óscar Mayo, Director of Business, Marketing and International Development at LaLiga, and Edouard Legendre, external advisor to LaLiga and recognised international expert in Brand Management and Sports Marketing, the programme is divided into six modules, each of which has been designed and will be coordinated by a leading professional in the fields and topics covered in each module. This team of Module Directors is made up of Patricia Rodríguez, Director of Granada C.F.; Jorge de la Vega, Sales and Marketing Director of LaLiga; María Wandosell, CEO of Motorpress Ibérica; Ornella D. Bellia, Head of Professional Football at FIFA; Jaume Pons, Head of Social Media and Digital Content at LaLiga; and Amadeo Salvo, Executive Vice President of Power Electronics.

The MBA aims to lay the foundations for the transformation of the sports and entertainment industries, focusing on new technologies and social evolution as drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Doing the same thing from one year to the next is no longer an option in the sports industry. We have entered the era of the continuous update. This MBA underlines LaLiga’s commitment to the ongoing professionalisation of the sector, training and supporting people who want to find professional fulfilment through the dynamisation and expansion of an industry in which new challenges arise every day and new opportunities are born”, says Óscar Mayo, LaLiga’s Director of Business, Marketing and International Development.

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