LaLiga Antipiracy Builds New Global Alliances While Eliminating More Illegal Content

March 1, 2021

The fight against audiovisual piracy is one of LaLiga’s priorities, with the aim of protecting its product and defending one of the clubs’ biggest assets: audiovisual rights. 

To do so, it has developed a range of its own technology tools including Marauder, Lumière, Blackhole and Neko. These tools have sparked the interest of public and private organisations, which have turned to LaLiga in search of its knowledge and experience in the fight against audiovisual piracy based on three spheres of action: technology, legal and communications. 

The positive results achieved in recent years have convinced companies to continue to place their trust in LaLiga.

This month LaLiga confirmed its status as the global benchmark for protecting audiovisual content with the renewal of its agreements with Dorna Sports and the Belgian Pro League, along with the recent agreement struck with Sky Sports in Mexico. In addition to this, a new collaboration in Italy has led to the blocking of five piracy sites which had been receiving more than a million monthly visits in the country.Loading…

Renewing partners Dorna Sports and Jupiler Pro League

LaLiga’s antipiracy collaborations first began with the Jupiler Pro League, the top tier competition of Belgian football, in February 2017. This agreement has now been extended until June 2023. Meanwhile Dorna Sports, the organiser of the Moto GP and World Superbike competitions which began working with LaLiga one year ago, has extended its partnership until February 2022. 

In both cases, LaLiga offers services including the monitoring and removal of content on social media, fake social media accounts, mobile apps in official app stores and the deindexing of URLs hosting illegal streams and IPTV platforms which offer the competition illegally.

“The championships that we manage from Dorna; MotoGP and WorldSBK have benefitted enormously from the different tools created by LaLiga’s technological protection team, which is a global benchmark and, therefore, a guarantee of safety for our competitions,” said Manuel Arroyo, general director of Dorna Sports.”

Leander Monbaliu, CBO of Jupiler Pro League added: “The fight against piracy has no end, but by taking advantage of technology developed by LaLiga, we are well equipped to protect our product, our rights holders and our game. The renewal of our cooperation was evident, given the encouraging results we have seen in recent years.”