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Juventus and Fanatics inks retail and licensing partnership

June 25, 2024

Juventus and Fanatics, a digital sports platform and a global leader in licensed sports merchandise, have announced a wide-ranging partnership across ecommerce, retail, manufacturing and licensing that will see Fanatics manage all aspects of Juventus’ merchandise offering worldwide.

The new partnership, one of the most comprehensive and ambitious club deals ever agreed in sports merchandising, will run until the end of the 2034/2035 season, with Fanatics working alongside Juventus to grow its brand and merchandise offering to fans across Italy and into every corner of the world.

Fanatics, which as part of the deal will become the master licensee for the Juventus merchandise portfolio, will operate the business from its Fanatics Italy headquarters, utilizing both its local expertise and its global capabilities to deliver a world-class experience and access to products for Juventus fans all over the world.

Juventus, the most successful club in Italian football and renowned across the world for its iconic black and white striped jersey, will benefit from Fanatics’ extensive experience around product manufacturing and distribution, ecommerce operation, physical retail excellence and a vast licensee network. Fanatics is known for working with top sports properties and organizations in enabling them to reach existing, and attract new fans with exciting product collaborations, relevant local designs, and a breadth of choice for all supporters of the club.

“The world of merchandising has undergone an incredible evolution over the last ten or so years thanks to the entry of a player like Fanatics, which has revolutionized the industry across the world,” said Francesco Calvo, Managing Director Revenue & Football Development at Juventus. “We are proud to join forces with a global leader like Fanatics for the development of such a strategic and fundamental part of our business. This partnership will allow us to get closer to our fans all over the world, thanks to global distribution and new investments that Fanatics will make in agreement with Juventus to develop our business to create a truly world class offering to our supporters.”

Fanatics, which partners with more than 900 leading sporting organizations, teams and leagues in the world including several leading European football clubs, UEFA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, International Olympic Committee and Formula One, has more than 80 offices and facilities worldwide, a network of over 2,000 physical retail locations, and a multilingual digital platform capable of reaching millions of fans across the world. Through the newly revamped online store, Juventus fans across the world will have access to an innovative shopping experience, providing access to one of the widest ranges of Juventus merchandise ever made available.

“Juventus is one of the iconic clubs in world football” said Stephen Dowling, President of International at Fanatics. “The club is recognized and supported across the globe, it leads the way both on and off the pitch, and we are honored to be working with it to revolutionize the experience for its fans both instore and online, through new product designs and better availability worldwide. This new partnership is one of the most ambitious we have ever agreed with an individual club, and it is testament to Juventus’ forward thinking and progressive mindset that we have agreed such a comprehensive and groundbreaking deal.”

Lorenzo Forte, CEO of Fanatics Italy, said: “We understand the history and significance of Juventus to both Italian and global football, and the Fanatics team based here in Italy will work non-stop to make sure that Juventus fans, both in Turin but also across the world, are given a world-class service, world-class products and world-class experience when they visit us. Our knowledge and understanding of football here in Italy is unrivalled, and we can’t wait to begin our new partnership together with this historic club.”

Fanatics Juventus sportsbiz