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iSPORTCONNECT’s Monthly Deals Update – August 2020: UEFA + Pepsico And Coca Cola + IPC

September 25, 2020

iSPORTCONNECT’s Monthly Deals Update, powered by Connexi, looks back at some of the key partnerships created within sport for the month of August. Connexi’s Zak Gelbier takes a deeper look at some of August’s biggest deals and how they will work.

Europa League + Heineken

For Heineken, a platform like the UEFA Europa League is the perfect way to showcase their non-alcoholic offering, providing them with a large audience of potential consumers. Replacing Amstel with its flagship non-alcoholic beer brand, Heineken 0.0%, is a statement that they offer much more than just alcoholic products.

Using this platform to encourage responsible drinking and also give consumers a choice is needed. Traditionally, there has been a strong association of football and alcohol so it will be interesting to see whether the football fanbase is ready to accept the change and make this partnership a success.

Spotify + Riot Games

A strong move from Spotify to make their first ever paid sponsorship and choose to do it in esports. A massive statement that shows the stature that esports now holds.

Spotify offers Riot Games the perfect platform to entertain their current League of Legends following and at the same time continue to reach out to a worldwide potential audience. Giving them exclusive League of Legends music, podcasts and playlists inspired by the gaming community and access to millions of monthly listeners. The partnership seems a great fit for both Spotify and Riot Games with a lot of crossovers between gamers and audio streaming audiences.

UEFA + PepsiCo

A proven partnership that now sees women’s football sit alongside men’s football. For UEFA Women’s football this multi-year partnership further strengthens the ever growing presence of the women’s game in the elite football landscape, both on and off the field.  Helping not only the growth of the women’s game but also towards equality with the men’s game. For PepsiCo this is an obvious expansion of their already successful football offering.

Coca-Cola + IPC

A partnership that makes perfect sense for both parties. Olympics and Paralympics tend to go hand in hand, for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to partner with Coca-Cola, a historic sponsor of the IOC, it just fits. For the IPC this is a massive opportunity to help to communicate the impact of the Paralympic Movement to a whole new audience and to bring themselves on par with the IOC.

Other notable deals from August

  • AC Milan + Electonic Arts
  • Dorilton Capital + Williams Racing
  • Bundesliga + Mola TV
  • World Bowling + StriveCloud
  • Star Times + LaLiga
  • Fanatics + Rebel
  • Sky Sports + NFL as well as Sky Sports + Ascot
  • Formula E – ProsiebenSat
  • IPL + Dream11
  • Hisense + PSG
  • PGA Tour + Pointsbet
  • Riot Games + Cisco
  • W88 + Crystal Palace
  • SailGP + Greenfly
  • bwin + Eleven Sports/Belgian Pro League
  • Ospreys + Pumpjack
  • AC Milan Women + Banco BPM
  • Betway + Real Betis
  • Mondelēz International + Manchester City and Arsenal
  • Eleven Sports + LaLiga
  • World Bowling + Curveball
  • Eleven Sports + Telenet
  • LaLiga + Canal+
  • Wasps + Seyu/Vodafone
  • Norwich City + PTI Digital
  • Amazon Prime Video + Seattle Sounders
  • LRT + Euroleague
  • Southampton FC +
  • Real Sociedad + PTI Digital

Coca-Cola Europa League Heineken IPC PepsiCo UEFA