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Is this the future of Poker Viewership?

September 7, 2022

The future of poker viewership puts fans front and center, enabling them to watch, play, and win. 

PokerGO® and INTHEGAME partnered during the World Series of Poker to deliver first-screen viewer engagement on 

If you’ve ever watched High Stakes Poker or any of the other popular poker shows available on, chances are that, aside from learning a few tips or tricks, you’ve had an opinion on how to play certain hands or attempted to predict the outcome of a bluff. Utilizing INTHEGAME’s unique technology together with PokerGO’s premier content, audience members were delivered next-gen interactive viewing that they took to immediately. 

“We saw great engagement by our viewers,” said Dan Gati, Executive Producer of PokerGO. “INTHEGAME is an important tool in our comprehensive strategy to engage viewers and drive viewership. It also offers new branding, advertising, and e-commerce opportunities.”

Yaron Kottler, CSO at INTHEGAME: “We are excited to partner with PokerGO to deliver first-screen engagement and monetization. The media industry is discovering that there are new ways to enhance subscription and ad supported models, while INTHEGAME offers a golden opportunity for broadcasters and rights holders to engage viewers and monetize. Simply put, INTHEGAME is the third way to monetize video content.”

Inthegame Poker