In-Stadium Advertising Amidst The Pandemic – The Changed Game

November 4, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 which has brought sports events globally to a standstill, brands and rights holders have taken a major hit. It is difficult for brands to commit long term and sponsorship, once mainstream, is now being perceived as a luxury. 

A recent report claimed that the Coronavirus US sport shutdown will cost $12 billion while according to FIFA, Coronavirus pandemic to cost football $14bn this year.

This has pushed the rights holders to move away from the usual “All or Nothing” approach . They are granting access to individual sponsorship assets, allowing short-term partnerships and offering digital based partnerships. The absence of fans in the stadium has further pushed sporting organisations to focus on virtual offerings

We spoke with Yoav Shalmor, founder of STADS Technologies – a tailor-made platform that covers the entire process – from buying, to scheduling, to optimization for both brands and right holders to find out how their solution is helping clients like SportFive/Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan. 

As to what is the solution that STADS brings to the table, Yoav explains:  “STADS provides a much-needed digital transformation to the sporting industry by offering a more efficient way to conduct business between rights holders and brands. We’ve created an ecosystem that works in favour of both sides, where brands can acquire media in a smarter way, while rights holders enjoy a new revenue stream, which hasn’t existed before.

“By giving advertisers the flexibility to choose where and when they would like to advertise, and the ability to sync their exposure with other marketing channels, we’re making sports media much more relevant to many advertisers that previously did not consider this media as an option.”

STADS solutions are being used by AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund. According to Maximilian Schindler, Manager Sales USA / Borussia Dortmund for SportFive , STADS was the perfect platform for them to reach out to international markets where they did not have a sales infrastructure yet.

He articulates: “It is an easy-to-use platform for us to promote our service of virtual advertising (the simultaneous digital overlay of LED boards in the stadium to international markets like North & South America, Southeast Asia or China), which had been unique in Germany when we started in 2018. For brands and media agencies on the other hand it is another user-friendly platform where they can distribute their media budget on international sports asset with a high international media coverage. “

Furthermore, LED boards have become a learned and accepted advertising tool over the past few years.  Max adds, “No company buys LED minutes just because it’s a new eye-catching technology. LED boards are still one of the most efficient tools when it comes to branding effects for brands. But these branding effects will only take full effect when it’s a sustainable campaign, maybe even accompanied by the companies’ own digital channels. STADS is the perfect platform for brands to roll out these campaigns tailor made to their specific needs in a highly emotional environment.”

STADS main focus continues to be present in all sports where in-stadium advertising is offered. Yoav expands, “Every sport is characterised by a different audience, whether geographically or demographically. We want to be able to provide the most suitable media to our advertisers based on their targeting goals. At the same time, we are looking to enter new territories and new leagues.

“STADS is continuously working towards providing added value to our advertisers, whether by improving our data, our user experience and our offerings. As of next season, STADS will also be granting access to clubs’ digital assets for more extensive exposure that will go beyond brand awareness.”