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IBA and ISDE launch “Sports Management” education course for 2024

December 2, 2023

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has collaborated with the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) to unveil an educational initiative; the “Sports Management” course.

Designed to cater for athletes, officials, federation, and confederation staff, as well as other stakeholders in the world of boxing, this course is set to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the sports management arena.

At its core delivery, this educational program seeks to offer retired athletes a unique opportunity to embark on a new career path following their boxing journey. IBA’s commitment to supporting athletes’ transition beyond the ring is reflected in the course’s priority enrollment for retired athletes. However, other boxing stakeholders are also welcomed to join the course based on initial availability.

The “Sports Management” course is structured into three distinct tiers: Tier 1 (basic), Tier 2 (intermediate), and Tier 3 (advanced). Each tier culminates with the issuance of a certificate, and successful completion of those respective tiers, grants students the eligibility to progress to the next level. Note that both Tier 1 and 2 will be conducted as distance learning (online), whereas Tier 3 will be a residential learning environment to take place in Madrid at the University. Students are required to complete the modules in sequence dependent on success at each level or stage of the course.

‘IBA is committed to delivering the best for its Family, and continuous professional development for our managers is one of the core tools to excel. With this Sports Management education course at ISDE, we aim to educate more qualified managers to serve the sport of boxing worldwide at all levels, be it clubs, National Federations, Confederations or the IBA. We are looking forward to offering new opportunities and the whole career path for retired athletes and supporting them on their journey. Such initiatives make our Boxing Family stronger, and I thank ISDE for such a great opportunity,’ IBA Secretary General and CEO Chris Roberts OBE said.

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