Magnifi White Paper

How to deliver captivating sports action for today’s fan

June 8, 2023

The sports industry faces a significant challenge in attracting and keeping viewers, particularly in today’s fragmented media landscape where there is no such thing as a typical fan.

However, recent studies indicate that most adults already feel overwhelmed by information from technological platforms. Despite this, a well-curated strategy for sports highlights presents a compelling opportunity to break through the noise in a highly competitive environment. Advancements in technology enable rights-holders to create and deliver highlights faster and on a larger scale than ever before, all at a fraction of the previous cost. Moreover, artificial intelligence (AI) is enhancing efforts to personalise content-driven experiences for increasingly demanding audiences.

Magnifi and SportBusiness have collaborated on a White Paper titled “AI-driven highlights: How to deliver captivating sports action for today’s sports fan.” This paper explores the key considerations for rights-holders as they strive to implement impactful and cost-effective digital strategies. It examines how highlights can be effectively utilised alongside social media platforms to create new opportunities for engagement and monetisation. Additionally, the report discusses the challenges and implications that sports organisations of all sizes may face.

Drawing from the latest research on fan and viewer behaviour, the White Paper offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge technologies and distribution strategies aimed at taking digital engagement to the next level.

Magnifi White Paper