How AI is going to change the game (part 2)

May 10, 2023

Ready or not, ChatGPT is coming to change the sport and entertainment game 🤖

Here we go, we’re diving back into ChatGPT once again, but for good reason. It’s safe to say that everyone is starting to get a grip on how the tool can provide us with some form of efficiency in our everyday lives. You might’ve asked it to meal plan your week or draft that book report due on Friday.  

As we shared with you last month, ChatGPT can also transform the days of those who work in sport and entertainment. There is a significant opportunity for organizations in our industry to utilize this newfound power and transform their operations.   

This month, we’ll dive into marketing and omnichannel customer service after covering ticketing and partnerships in part 1 last month. 

And (once again) we promise we actually wrote this ourselves. 

Part 2: Marketing and Omnichannel Customer Service

The skinny

Integrating AI technology will be a game-changer for sports organisations looking to improve their day-to-day business activities.  

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By using natural language processing and machine learning, AI can provide personalised recommendations, automate routine tasks, and handle customer inquiries with speed and accuracy.  

As a Microsoft powered business, we are integrating it within the EngageRM platform. This will help sports organisations to enhance their customer experience, increase sales, and optimize their business operations with these new features at your fingertips. 

Spending more time building meaningful campaigns? Marketing teams:  

How it will change Marketing

Improved Fan Engagement

ChatGPT can provide personalised responses to inquiries and feedback on social media, email, or chat, as well as provide real-time updates on events, promotions, and other fan-facing activities.  

If this feature sounds like a time saver, it’s because it is. Your marketing team will be free to focus on strategies to increase fan engagement and build customer loyalty, i.e. the stuff that matters.  

Streamlined Operations

ChatGPT can automate routine tasks, such as posting on social media or sending out email campaigns, freeing up marketing executives’ time for more strategic activities. 

Additionally, the chatbot can help to identify issues or opportunities that require the marketing executive’s attention, such as negative fan feedback or high-performing campaigns, so you’re using your time effectively.  

Personalised Campaign Management

ChatGPT can analyze data on fan demographics, preferences, and behaviors to help marketing executives create more targeted campaigns that resonate with specific fan segments.  

For example, if the Chicago Bulls know that they have a growing demographic of young fans who don’t live in Chicago, but always look at the scores on their app, they could create a mobile game where they can play to earn points and win prizes like merchandise or even tickets. 

Rather than skimming through mountains of data to find out that information, they’ll have it in milliseconds. 

Additionally, the chatbot can provide personalised recommendations for marketing channels and tactics based on the goals of each campaign.  

This feature can help businesses optimise their marketing efforts through mega-personalised materials that target the specific wants and niches of an organisation’s fans.   

How it will change omnichannel customer service

Improved Case Resoultion

Integrating ChatGPT with Dynamics 365 Omnichannel customer service can help customer service executives resolve cases quickly by providing personalized responses to inquiries and support requests.  

The capability of chatbots can also be turbocharged, with ChatGPT enabling them to handle routine inquiries, freeing up executives to focus on the more complex work on their plate. 

Enhanced Communication

ChatGPT can automate responses and notifications to customers through various channels, such as email, messaging, or chat, which can improve customer satisfaction and reduce response wait times (so less grumpy calls, stern emails and internal finger-pointing…which would be nice). 

The chatbot can also route cases to the appropriate customer service executive based on their availability and expertise, streamlining communication and once again, freeing up more space in your day. 

Improved Lead Qualification and Performance Tracking

By integrating ChatGPT with Dynamics 365’s analytics and reporting modules, customer service executives can access real-time insights on case resolution times, customer satisfaction scores, and other key performance indicators.  

This feature can help identify areas for improvement and adjust workflows as needed, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction scores and retention rates. 

By Callum Chambers, Global Head of Marketing for EngageRM

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