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GameDay Signs Deal With Choicely

July 20, 2021

GameDay, the leading provider of digital solutions to International, National, Grassroots and Professional Sporting organisations across Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and New Zealand, has agreed a new partnership with Choicely, a codeless App development platform used by leading organisations in Sport and Entertainment.

Choicely will appear as a key offering on the soon to be launched GameDay Marketplace showcasing the range of partners and products available to GameDay customers across all levels of sports and events.

Andy Graham, General Manager for GameDay said: “Choicely is a global leader in the development and deployment of Mobile Apps across the Sports and Entertainment industry. Providing additional value to our customers Choicely allows a customised Mobile App to be created easily and allow organisations to engage with their members fans and community at scale.”

Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said: “We’re very excited to partner with GameDay. Together we’re able to create state-of-the-art apps for the sports industry – from grassroots to professional with Choicely app builder, using GameDay’s extensive sportstech offering integrated in the apps.

“This way any sports organisation can create high performing apps with the combined Choicely & GameDay offering easily and cost- effectively. Also, I personally like GameDay’s visionary team, working with them is fun and they have created a highly useful tech stack for the global sports industry, that can benefit many existing and upcoming Choicely apps.”

Choicely GameDay sportsbiz