Finnish Figure Skating Association Launch New App With Choicely

By Community | October 11, 2021

“Another mobile application Powered by Choicely, the no-code mobile application builder, reaches instantly the top of the charts in App Store”

On October 6th the Finnish Figure Skating Association they launched a new SkatingFinland mobile app. The app was developed in order to serve the event held at Finlandia Trophy Espoo – International Figure Skating Competition that takes place 7-10.10.2021 in Espoo Metro Areena.

The app immediately hit the top charts in App Store, reaching the #1 in Sports category within the first 24 hours.

Outi Wuorenheimo, Figure Skating Association said:

“We wanted to offer people a channel where you can find all we offer: news, events, official information and of course all the social media channels. This has everything the figure skating fan needs!” says Outi Wuorenheimo, General Secretary of Finnish Figure Skating Association.”

Kaius Meskanen, CEO of Choicely said:

“We’re very excited to partner with the Finnish Figure Skating Association. Together we’re able to create a mobile application , for Android and iPhone, that delivers extensive amount of information to the Finnish figure skating community.

“We created and launched the app together with SkatingFinland team in 3 weeks, a worthy achievement. The efficiency and coordination of the SkatingFinland team is remarkable, as they were preparing a major event – Finlandia Trophy Espoo simultaneously. Very cool!”

SkatingFinland app

SkatingFinland app offers a highly mobile optimized, information rich service for the figure skating community. The users can explore in real time SkatingFinland news, skaters profiles, schedules, results, event calendar & much more. The content is presented “in experience sections” like SkatingFinland section that introduces a news portal and the Finnish Figure Skating Association section with the official information about the association. Also an “Event” section highlighting the main events promoting Skating sport around Finland, currently featuring the Finlandia Trophy Espoo event.

The first in the world dedicated figure skating mobile app, powered by the easiest no-code mobile app studio of Choicely, made in Finland. is offering templates for multiple segments at competitive prices for the sports and entertainment sectors. For more information click to book an appointment with Sales.