The average human now has an attention span of roughly 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfishes, at 9 seconds.

The effects of this can be seen across all aspects of life, but none moreso than in the broadcasting and digital space.

We will look at the importance of incorporating short form video into your content strategies, and highlights some key steps you can take to stay relevant in tomorrow’s world.


Guest Speakers

Cristian Livadiotti

CEO at Wildmoka

Kedar Mohite

Principal Consultant, Media Technology at OMDIA

Sebastien Audoux

Head of Sports Digital Content at CANAL PLUS

The Agenda

10:00 – Welcome and introduction

10:05 – OMDIA to highlight research findings

10:20 – What works? Wildmoka to share best practices

10:35 – A digitally advanced broadcaster’s perspective with Canal+

10:50 – Q&A

The Location

This event is taking place via WebinarJam on Tuesday 16th February at 10 am GMT.

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