Join us for the “Sports Content Protection and Anti-Piracy Summit,” where we unite to fortify the integrity of sports content distribution against piracy. At Pinsent Mason in London, on Thursday 9th November, we delve into safeguarding platform integrity, preserving media rights, and securing a premium, valued sports media ecosystem for fans. 

We commence with insights from Mark Lichtenstein (Chairman, Sports Rights Owners Coalition) into the challenges and solutions for sports media rights protection and secure distribution. The summit will feature panels and discussions, including NBA, DFL, beIN and Warner Bros. Discovery, covering topics such as optimising content distribution through media platforms whilst maintaining defences against piracy threats. 

You will discover new research from YouGov, who will provide a deep dive into the landscape of sports piracy and the motivations behind illegal streaming. This will set the stage for practical considerations for rights owners in combating live event piracy with current legal frameworks.

Following a networking opportunity, the event transitions into exploring holistic legal strategies aligned with sports content protection. Discussions will span across operational enforcement, strategic partnerships, and legislative advocacy, with insights from leading experts in the field.

The summit also includes roundtable sessions focused on international rights protection, legal perspectives on piracy, monetization strategies amidst piracy challenges, and future-proofing content protection.

Pioneering anti-piracy strategies will be showcased, leveraging advanced tech expertise with real-time detection and comprehensive digital protection discussions led by top figures from La Liga.

The day will conclude with strategic sessions on capitalizing on piracy challenges to develop a commercial strategy and converting fans to subscribers (Sky and FIBA).

This event is a must-attend for industry professionals, including legal, tech and rights directors, looking to navigate the complexities of sports content protection and anti-piracy in today’s digital age. Join us for a day of insightful dialogue with registered organisations, including The Premier League, FA, Formula 1, ACE, BT, DAZN, FIFA, IMG, Disney, Google, TikTok, EA Sports, Vodafone, Alliance for Intellectual Property, UK IPO and ATP Media, and stay ahead in the dynamic sports industry.

If you are a sports rights holder or broadcaster please register for one of the limited places on the day HERE. If you are solution provider looking to attend, we have a limited number of places for event partners. Please contact for more information.


Guest Speakers

Mark Lichtenstein

Chairman, Sports Rights Owners Coalition

Steve Nuss

Director, Media Distribution, NBA

Oliver Pribramsky

Head of Rights Management, DFL

Sean Miller

Consumer Lead - Sport, YouGov

Stephen Townley

International Neutral, Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. (JAMS) and Special Counsel, Sport & Entertainment Brands, Stobbs

Cameron Andrews

Legal Director, Anti-Piracy, bein

Trevor Albery

VP, Legal, Content Protection & Analytics, Warner Bros. Discovery

Tom Nener

Partner, Risk Advisory Services, Intellectual Property, Pinsent Masons

James Clark

GM Media & Entertainment, GeoComply

Lee Kent

Anti-Piracy, beIN Media

Guillermo Rodriguez

COO - LaLiga Content Protection, La Liga

Juan Rotger

Head of Global Content Protection, La Liga

Brian Walshe

Rights Holder Marketing Manager, FIBA Media

George Lawson

Head of Commercial Strategy, Sky

The Agenda

Download full agenda below:

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The Location

Pinsent Masons, London

Event begins in: