21st MARCH

Join the Masterclass+ on “Leveraging the Value of Sports Rights Holder First Party Fan Data,” centred on harnessing the power of first-party fan data in the sports industry. This masterclass is crucial for sports rights holders and industry professionals aiming to effectively utilise fan data for strategic advantage. It provides a comprehensive exploration into the collection, management, and application of first-party fan data to drive fan engagement and commercial success.

The masterclass begins with a focus on unlocking the potential of first-party fan data, emphasising its importance in maximising value, negotiating brand partnerships, and making data-driven decisions. Discussions will revolve around leveraging this data for branding and advertising, balancing monetization with fan trust, and adhering to ethical data collection and privacy compliance.

Subsequent sessions will delve into optimising fan data strategies, sharing insights on how leading sports organisations have successfully used fan data to gain commercial advantage and enhance fan engagement. The challenges and best practices in first-party data management will be addressed, offering valuable solutions and strategies.

A key aspect of the masterclass is monetising fan data for merchandising and sponsorship. This includes leveraging fan data for insights into sponsorship opportunities, using fan data to enhance merchandising strategies, including digital products like NFTs, and examining case studies of successful monetization.

The panel discussions will explore enhancing fan experiences and revenue through data, focusing on creating innovative and personalised fan experiences, monetising data insights, and discussing future trends in fan data strategy. This will be complemented by roundtable sessions sharing perspectives on developing data-driven fan engagement strategies, including fan profiling and segmentation.

This Masterclass+ is an invaluable opportunity for sports rights holders and professionals in the sports industry to gain deep insights and practical strategies on maximising the value of first-party fan data, driving fan engagement, and achieving commercial success. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the critical role of fan data in the modern sports landscape. 




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