As technology disrupts the business of sport, are you keeping abreast of how the shift to web3, virtual worlds and blockchain could revolutionise your business and open up new audiences and revenue streams?

​When it comes to harnessing the power of tech, sport often plays catch-up relative to other sectors. At the Web3 Summit, you’ll learn from innovators who are already making Web3 work for them in gaming, music, fashion, art, retail and consumer marketing, as well as the sports business pioneers to help upskill yourself and your team, but also find out what you need to do and what resources you need to invest so that your organisation becomes Web3-agile and proactive in seizing opportunities and not caught on the back foot by accelerating innovation.

The Web3 transition is already underway. Future-proof yourself and your organisation by joining us at the Web3 Summit at the Emirates Stadium in London on June 28/29 to begin your journey to understanding how Web3 and a decentralised internet will reconfigure the foundations of sport and the sports business.

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Guest Speakers

The Agenda

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The Location

Emirates Stadium, London.

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