Join us on Wednesday 9th August for an Online Masterclass+, “Digital Dynamics in US Sports: Understanding and Optimising Fan Engagement Platforms”. Starting at 12pm EST (5pm UK time), this event is a part of iSportConnect’s interactive Masterclass+ series and is in partnership with S&P Global.

We will embark on an exploration of the transforming sports industry landscape, particularly focusing on digital fan engagement strategies. The event will kick off with a presentation deep diving into the Direct-to-Fan revolution, its implications, and its importance in the realm of sports. We will touch upon the evolution of digital fan engagement platforms, their integral role in providing sports entities a direct line to their fanbase, and how they can prepare us for the tech challenges of the future.

As the day unfolds, we’ll host a breakout session facilitated by representatives from major US sports leagues. This interactive session will delve into the practical aspects of how these platforms can be leveraged to deepen fan engagement, improve fan experiences, and optimize fan interactions using valuable audience insights.

We’ll culminate the event with a panel discussion featuring leading figures from major US sports leagues. These industry stalwarts will share their experiences and strategies in harnessing digital fan engagement platforms, personalizing fan experiences through data analytics, and fostering long-term fan engagement. This engaging dialogue will also forecast future trends and potential technological developments in the sports industry.

This event will equip you with a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics of fan engagement in the digital era within the US sports industry. Don’t miss this golden opportunity for knowledge sharing, interactive learning, and networking with industry leaders.


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