Join us at Pinsent Mason offices on September 19th from 9:15am to 1:30pm for a thought-provoking event, “Decoding Sports Fan Behaviour: Leveraging Data & Tech to Drive Engagement and Revenue”. Part of the iSportConnect’s Masterclass+ series, this session promises to be a deep dive into understanding sports fan behavior and how this knowledge can be leveraged to enhance engagement and boost revenue.

The day will begin by decoding the global sports consumer, highlighting the role of data in understanding the viewing patterns and preferences of sports fans across the globe. The insights derived from this data-driven perspective will form the cornerstone of the day’s discussion. We are delighted to welcome S&P Global to give this opening address.

Our focus will then turn to the transformative power of technology in sports engagement. Throughout the day, expect to uncover the various ways in which technology and data are being used to revolutionize fan experiences. You’ll learn about successful examples of tech-driven fan engagement, showing the potential of innovative technologies in creating immersive and personalized fan experiences.

A significant part of the day will be dedicated to audience retention. We’ll explore how technology and data analytics can be used to create hyper-personalized content, and how this personalized approach can help maintain audience engagement and loyalty.

The latter part of the day will centre around audience growth, examining how sports entities can harness technology and data analytics to not only create compelling fan experiences but also expand their fanbase.

Expect lively discussions and insights from industry leaders, offering a firsthand account of the challenges and opportunities in sports fan engagement. This event is an excellent opportunity for professionals in the sports industry to learn, network, and gain a deeper understanding of fan behavior.

By the end of the event, you’ll walk away equipped with valuable insights and actionable strategies on how to leverage data and technology to decode sports fan behavior, drive engagement, and maximize revenue in the ever-evolving sports landscape.


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