Here is a rundown of our 2023 calendar, we haven’t finalised topics and dates for all of our events yet but this should give you a good idea of what is coming up and when.

February 28th – Virtual Workshop, How to create 2023 Sports Partnerships that deliver Commercial Impact. (Virtual)

March 7th – Masterclass+, How to Monetize Gen Z Fan Engagement (London)

Later March – Masterclass+, How to Create Innovative Digital Strategies to Grow and Engage International Federation Audiences (Lausanne)

April – Masterclass+, How to Monetize your OTT platform in 2023 (London)

April – Masterclass+, How to use Sponsorship to grow your Brand in a Recession (London)

May – Virtual Workshop, Digital Experiences (Virtual)

May – Masterclass+, Commercial Revenue (London)

June – Masterclass+, Sponsor Strategy and Activation (London)

June 28th-29th, Web3 Summit for Sport, Entertainment & Gaming (Emirates Stadium, London)

July – Masterclass+, Commercial Revenues (London)

August – Virtual Workshop, Media and Broadcast Revenues (Virtual)

September – Masterclass+, Digital Experiences (London)

September – Masterclass+, Sponsorship Strategy and Activation (London)

October – Masterclass+, Broadcast Revenues (London)

October – Virtual Workshop, Commercial Revenues (Virtual)

October – Summit International Federations (Lausanne)

November – Masterclass+, Commercial Revenues (London)

November – Masterclass+, Leadership (London)

November – Web3 Summit for Sport, Entertainment & Gaming (Los Angeles)

December – Masterclass+, Sponsor Strategy and Activation (London)


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