Tuesday, 10th September

The “Fan Data Platforms: Enabling Personalised, Engaging Fan Journeys” Masterclass+ is an essential convergence for decision-makers in the sports industry, focusing on the strategic application of data-driven personalization to elevate fan engagement. Designed to explore the innovative use of data platforms, this Masterclass+ offers insights into enhancing the fan experience through advanced technology and strategic data utilisation.

The first session of the Masterclass+ centres on leveraging personalization data platforms to enhance customer experiences in the sports sector. Participants will examine the evolution of these platforms and their role in customer engagement, gaining insights from case studies that demonstrate successful implementations and maximisation of fan experiences.

A panel discussion will delve into personalization and data technologies in fan engagement, emphasising the importance of the right digital infrastructure. Experts will discuss how nuanced personalization strategies, derived from insights in fan data, can lead to more effective fan experiences. Strategies for integrating fan data across various channels, including social media, mobile apps, and websites, to create seamless and engaging fan experiences will also be explored.

Breakout sessions will focus on data-driven strategies for dynamic fan engagement. These sessions will provide actionable insights on implementing data-driven decision-making, utilising real-time data analytics, and employing AI and machine learning to predict trends and personalise fan interactions. Participants will delve into practical methods for using these technologies to enhance the overall fan experience.

The Masterclass+ will conclude with discussions on integrating CRM and customer data to craft cohesive fan journeys and optimising backend systems for personalised experiences. This will include strategies for effective data integration, exploring the impact of CRM on fan experiences, and addressing data security and ethical usage. The final session will synthesise key learnings and strategize future implementations, preparing decision-makers to leverage advanced analytics and stay ahead of emerging trends in fan data utilisation and personalization.

This Masterclass+ provides an unparalleled platform for sports industry leaders to gather insights and strategies for utilising fan data platforms effectively, ensuring personalised, engaging, and successful fan journeys.




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