26th MARCH

Join the Masterclass+ on “Digital Engagement: Enhancing Sports Growth and Commercialisation for Federations,” a comprehensive event focusing on the transformative power of digital innovation in the sports industry. This masterclass is essential for sporting federations looking to expand their reach and enhance fan engagement through digital strategies.

The masterclass begins with an opening segment that highlights the focus on digital transformation for sporting federations. It will delve into the importance of embracing digital evolution, exploring successful digital strategies that have driven audience growth and revenue.

A key panel discussion will follow, offering insights on leveraging digital platforms for growth in sporting federations. This includes exploring innovative revenue streams such as pay-per-view events, subscription models, and exclusive digital content offerings, along with case studies of successful digital commercialisation.

The roundtable session will focus on building captivating digital environments and integrating innovative technologies to enhance fan experiences. Moderated by leaders in digital strategy from various sporting federations, these discussions promise to provide valuable insights.

Post-networking, the masterclass will explore multi-platform distribution to amplify both live and non-live sports content. This includes cross-platform synergy, platform-specific user behaviour insights, fan-generated content, and the potential of emerging platforms and technologies like generative AI, blockchain, and the metaverse.

A panel on digital transformations will discuss captivating a new generation of fans, exploring topics such as virtual sports in the Olympics, innovative sports formats, digital outreach strategies, and collaborative ventures with eSports leagues and gaming communities.

The final roundtable will focus on how digital platforms are transforming sponsorship in sports federations and properties. This includes storytelling through digital narratives, interactive and immersive sponsorship experiences, expanding sponsorship horizons digitally, and using digital analytics for measuring sponsorship impact.

This Masterclass+ is an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the sports industry, particularly those in sporting federations, to learn and adapt to the evolving digital landscape, exploring innovative ways to enhance growth and commercialisation through digital engagement.




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Lausanne, Switzerland

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