Tuesday, 16th April

Join the Masterclass+ on “Brand Activation and ROI in Sports Marketing” for an immersive exploration into the evolving landscape of sports marketing. This masterclass is designed for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of sports marketing efficiency, engagement tactics, and strategies for maximising ROI. 

A significant portion of the masterclass is dedicated to maximising ROI through data-driven strategies. Industry experts will shed light on how first-party fan data can be leveraged to optimise ROI in sports partnerships and sponsorships. Discussions will focus on strategies for effective content monetisation and engaging fans beyond traditional methods. This includes addressing challenges in data collection and usage, and unveiling innovative methods to enhance content value and audience engagement.

The masterclass will further engage attendees in roundtable discussions about crafting effective sports campaigns for brands. These interactive sessions will explore strategies for using large-scale fan data to create impactful sports campaigns. The focus will be on creative solutions for targeted advertising and advanced techniques for data analysis, all aimed at enhancing campaign performance and maximising brand exposure and engagement in the sports marketing arena.

Sportradar will be doing a dedicated presentation on the specifics of programmatic advertising in sports marketing. This session will cover the efficiency and strategic applications of programmatic advertising, with a focus on current trends and evolving dynamics. Experts will discuss advanced techniques for real-time optimisation of campaigns, approaches to minimise marketing wastage, and strategies to maximise ROI using accurate data analytics.

The masterclass concludes with discussions on opportunities for brand partners to create personalised, engaging fan experiences. This includes leveraging AI and data analytics for personalisation at scale, integrating programmatic advertising into personalised content, and innovative approaches to interactive video content. The masterclass will also explore strategies for using data analytics to drive fan engagement, balance revenue generation with fan trust, and craft compelling sports marketing campaigns. Attendees will leave equipped with insights and strategies for developing data-driven, impactful, and ROI-focused sports marketing campaigns and brand activations.



Sportradar Group AG is a global sports technology company that enhances the experiences of sports fans and bettors. Positioned at the convergence of sports, media, and betting, the company offers best-in-class solutions to sports federations, news media, consumer platforms, and sports betting operators, aiding in their business growth. As a trusted partner of major organizations like NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, UEFA, FIFA, Bundesliga, ICC, and ITF; Sportradar covers nearly a million events annually across all major sports. With strong industry relationships and expertise, Sportradar not only redefines the sports fan experience but also safeguards sports integrity through its Integrity Services division and advocates for an integrity-driven environment.


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Pinsent Masons, London, UK

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