Clancy International Euroleague Basketball MindFly NFTs

Euroleague Basketball Expands Web3 Strategy With Interactive Video NFT’s In Collaboration With Clancy International, Teams With MindFly To Create FPV Content

May 27, 2022

Following the launch of EuroLeague Land, which allowed fans to enjoy the 2022 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in a virtual immersive experience, Euroleague Basketball announced a multi-year partnership with Clancy International. The Clancy Interactive Video NFT platform will allow Clancy EuroLeague fans the chance to own and collect interactive video NFT’s. This is a continuing development of the EuroLeague Web3 strategy.

Web3 is the new engagement space for sports, e-sports and entertainment fans based on blockchain technology. And interactive video NFT’s now give fans the chance to redefine their relationship with their passions and truly own a piece of the content produced by the league, clubs and players.

For example, EuroLeague now has interactive video cards, called EuroLeague EuroReels, minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to ensure the uniqueness of each item. The EuroReels capture key moments of the 2021-22 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season and will be bundled with a set of information and statistics, making them a true collector’s item. EuroReels will come in various rarities and customized cases.

Rem Langan, CEO of Clancy, said: “We are very happy to be working with such a progressive and globally renowned sports league. EuroLeague has passionate fans and we are excited to bring them a high-quality digital experience. It is an honor to work alongside a sports and entertainment organization driven by such creativity, innovation and fan-excellence. Clancy is excited to welcome Euroleague Basketball to its growing portfolio of global sport brands like S.L. Benfica.”

The Euroleague partnership department has been working in the last 12 months to define an appropriate Web3 strategy, maximizing engagement opportunities for fans and consumers. The partnership with Clancy aims to not only create new virtual products but to keep the functionality of the products attuned to the engagement expectations of fans.

“Our fans deserve our best efforts to go all-out and create engagement spaces in which they feel comfortable and entertained, and we are very satisfied to have accomplished that with Clancy,” Roser Queralto, Chief Business Officer at Euroleague Basketball, said. “The Web3 space is still in its infancy but partnering with robust companies ensures not only a greater business opportunity, but also a faster learning curve.”

To avoid any speculation, and to give all EuroLeague fans the opportunity to own a piece of competition history, the launch of EuroLeague euroreels will be phased and from this moment all interested fans can join the EuroReels Beta Pass (RBP) list, to get notified when the Beta Platform will go live. This will be the place to create an account in anticipation for the private collection Beta release, before the general public release next month.

EuroLeague teams with MindFly to create FPV content

Euroleague Basketball is pleased to partner with MindFly Ltd. to create, process and distribute First-Person-View (FPV) content from the point of view of the players during Turkish Airlines EuroLeague games starting next season

MindFly will deliver FPV content to the EuroLeague’s digital channels and in the future enable this content to be tokenized as NFTs through appointed vendors. In doing so, the EuroLeague becomes the first professional sports league to offer such innovation to our fans.

“We are excited that we’ve found a First-Person-View solution that’s 100% safe for the players and can deliver high-quality, stable footage for viewers,” Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, Euroleague Basketball’s Brand and Communications Senior Director, said. “MindFly’s FPV solution will transport fans right onto the court during games and training sessions and deepen the relationships between fans, players and clubs.”

MindFly uses AI-powered bodycams and an AI cloud platform to provide a seamless, automated, end-to-end solution, from recording through processing and delivering professional-quality, fully-stabilized and ready-made HD video highlights to every digital and traditional media endpoint. For every sport and from any court without additional crew or infrastructure.

As Eran Tal, CEO and Co-Founder of MindFly, succinctly puts it: “You wear the vest, we do the rest.”

Clancy International Euroleague Basketball MindFly NFTs