Euroleague Basketball Announces 2021 FanXP Innovation Challenge

By Taruka Srivastav | March 25, 2021

Euroleague Basketball is once again opening its doors to innovators for the 2021 FanXP Innovation Challenge by inviting the latest generation of tech startups to join the sports fan revolution by creating new and unique experiences for the devoted followers of its competitions.

The FanXP Innovation Challenge, staged in collaboration with N3XT Sports, is the biggest basketball startup competition in the world. It aims to revolutionize the basketball sector by tackling one of the most transversal challenges in the sports industry: to offer fans the best experience possible.

The theme of the FanXP’s fourth edition is “Sports in a New World”, for which startups will be tasked with offering digital fan engagement solutions, digital asset commercialization solutions and expanded partnership reach-and-results solutions.

Through FanXP, startups will get the opportunity to showcase their solutions, gain insights into Euroleague Basketball’s ecosystem through private mentoring sessions with company executives, and compete to test their products in a 10-week incubation project with the top basketball clubs in Europe.

As in previous editions, the 2021 FanXP Innovation Challenge will boast a lineup of sports industry experts as its jury members. These experts will provide startups with valuable insights on how to ensure their products and services match the needs of present and future sports clients. Startups can now apply to participate at

“Now more than ever, we are focused on taking fans to a higher level of experience with our unique brand of basketball, and the 2021 FanXP Innovation Challenge will help us apply the latest ideas in the market to that effort,” Roser Queralto, Chief Business Officer at Euroleague Basketball, said. “In a fast-changing world and entertainment marketplace, our fans are accustomed to us offering them something new and more exciting each season. With the help of these innovators, we will keep delivering on that promise.”