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EngageRM launch The Engage Nation Podcast

March 9, 2023

EngageRM have recently launched a new podcast, don’t worry it isn’t just about CRM systems, they are speaking to leading figures in the sports and entertainment industry.

The monthly podcast has already had two episodes and has featured interviews with Jordon Kolosey, Vice President, Business Strategy and Innovation at Spurs Sport & Entertainment, owners of the San Antonio Spurs and Lea Miller-Tooley, President of Complete Sports Management.

With more exciting interviews to come over the following months, be sure to check out an episode by clicking here.

It takes one to know one, but we are loving this emerging monster of a newsletter from EngageRM, ‘The Crowd’. All the latest trends and stories from the world of sport and entertainment – your inbox is big enough for the two of us. Go and subscribe here.

EngageRM Podcast