Cultural Aware Ear to the Ground Fan Index

Ear to the Ground launch 22/23 Fan Index tomorrow

October 24, 2022

This special edition of the Future of Fandom will introduce this year’s Fan Intelligence® Index.

Cultural relevance is powerful. All brands aspire to be culturally relevant, but only a few truly understand how to achieve it. Every year at Ear to the Ground, we tap into our Fan Intelligence® Network to create a ranking of the most culturally relevant brands in sports, esports and gaming.

But to call it a ‘ranking’ is only half the story. It’s not just about who is winning, but why. It’s a deep dive into the burgeoning trends shaping our world. And a source of real insight that your brand can use to cut through the noise, accelerate growth, and achieve your own cultural relevance.

Now in its third year, the Fan Intelligence® Index is considered an indispensable tool by top marketers at some of the biggest global brands.

The session will run from 4 PM BST (11 AM EST, 8 AM PST) on Tuesday 25th October. Book your slot here.

Cultural Aware Ear to the Ground Fan Index