“People That Deal With Workforces Every Day Are Having A Poor Experience With Their Current Software”

October 20, 2020

iSPORTCONNECT spoke with Duncan Mitchell, Co-Founder of Gameplan, to learn more about how the Gameplan system can provide a benefit to companies.

What is the solution Gameplan brings to the sport industry?

Gameplan is a fully integrated workforce management system. And when we talk about a fully integrated system, we’re talking about something that allows our client to manage a pool of internal workers alongside external workers and 3rd party agency suppliers effectively.

Clients can also easily switch between creating big ‘events’ and small ‘schedules’ or ‘rotas’ and work them simultaneously. Alongside this it provides an end-to-end experience from onboarding through live operations to payroll and reporting 

What kind of organisations do you think can benefit from Gameplan?

The Gameplan system can be used by any company that needs to manage a ‘soft services’ workforce of any type, large or small. Our platform is best suited to facilities management companies running large or multiple sites and busy hotels.  

How easy is Gameplan to use and how can it help the industry to unlock revenue?

We believe Gameplan offers a client around 6-8x return on investment. We deliver this in many ways. Firstly, workers using Gameplan churn less frequently, which is an issue for businesses, and also our system creates 100% on time theft.

Jobs are filled faster, with more appropriate workers and less drop out to speed up processes, and it also brings down admin burden through automation, significantly reducing the time utilised for staffing.

Gameplan is an SaaS product meaning that you can sign up and start using it instantly. Trial it alongside your current software and upload your teams without any commitment. Migrating across from legacy technology to Gameplan is seamless.  

How are you utilising your marketing strategy at Gameplan?

We are creating strong partnerships with key businesses in consultancy and management within sports in particular and to go with this we focus on our industry network and word-of-mouth.

Where people that deal with workforces every day are having a poor experience with their current software or where organisations are looking to go through digital transformation we want them to be able to find us and make use of our service. 

Gameplan is a London, UK-based provider of an end-to-end solution for workforce and supplier management. Last year the company raised £500k in funding and backers included SeedCamp, Swiss Founders Fund, as well as angel investors Michael Pennington, Will Neale and Tim Ruffner.