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College Call of Duty (CCL) Acquired By eFuse

October 15, 2021

College CoD (CCL) has now been formally acquired by eFuse. As a result of the acquisition, eFuse intends to dedicate resources to help grow the league and reciprocate the same passion put forth by its original leadership team over the past few years. 

Three members of the initial management team will continue to spearhead the growth of the league under eFuse in the following season, focusing full time on the grassroots built project.

  • Jaden “jbyrd” Shaw – Director of College CoD
  • Jacen “sonofpaint“ Garriss – Collegiate Relations Coordinator
  • Marco or Jacob “Smgl” Marcovecchio – CCL Marketing

The College CoD community is a passionate group we are excited to provide more opportunities for. A community who is both dedicated and excited at the growth of their space across collegiate esports and the greater competitive Call of Duty community. The CCL started as a simple post online, grew to become a pillar in college, and is set to once again level up under the eFuse umbrella.

“What you can expect about this acquisition is more, more, more. We’re going to get more prize pools, we’re going to have more competitions, we’re going to have greater viewership. It’s going to be a ton of fun and we’re really grateful and excited to bring the College CoD community into the eFuse umbrella, so look forward to a lot more.” – Matthew Benson, CEO of eFuse.

With this acquisition comes increased opportunities in preseason tournaments, unique content, full-time dedication from key members toward improving the league, and perhaps one of the most major wins for the community – a guaranteed $25,000 prize pool for next year. However the pluses don’t end there. These are just some of the many ideas and initiatives the College CoD team has communicated. The eFuse team intends to continue working hand in hand with the three individuals brought on board to nurture the growth of the entirety of the CCL community: varsity directors, alumni, players, and media included. Perhaps even new kinds of events are on the horizon.

“eFuse gives College CoD the opportunity to continue to grow and impact the college esports community. This is going to allow us to throw quality events online all year long and work toward those coveted offline events. This is just the beginning of what we want to accomplish at College CoD and eFuse helps us get there. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group to have in our corner.” – Jaden Shaw, Director of College CoD.

For eFuse, the College CoD acquisition is a key piece of eFuse’s expansion into the collegiate esports space. Projects like Collegiate Media Day, the Pipeline, and coaches’ polls continue to provide the collegiate esports community the love that it deserves alongside what College CoD already does.

The CCL 2022 season is set to be bigger than ever before as the team prepares for 250+ teams. College CoD registration has traditionally occurred between the November/December months with the closing dates being in late December/early January. Additionally, the league tends to begin sometime in the January to early February months. Expect these timelines to be closely mimicked as details of registration information, league format, signups, and more begin to be announced.

“College esports are growing at an unprecedented rate, probably the fastest that had ever been seen in intercollegiate athletics. It was 35 years between the first college football game and the first governing body to efficiently regulate it. To see how fast College CoD has grown in only 4 years is incredibly exciting and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.” – Jaden Shaw, Director of College CoD.

Finally, eFuse and College CoD would like to acknowledge that the CCL is where it is today thanks to its community and the hardworking volunteers who have done nothing but put forth love and unbridled passion into the entirety of the collegiate space. In addition, this is not a goodbye to many of these faces but likely a “see you soon” in some form. We recognize that for some, CCL is just a league to compete in. But for many, it’s clear College CoD has fostered longer lasting friendships, been an avenue for jobs and opportunities, and a catalyst for support of esports in families and at universities. These ideals remain at the forefront of this acquisition.

Be on the lookout for more preseason announcements from both eFuse and the CCL as the beginnings of CCL 2022 officially inch closer.

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