ATPI Wheelchair Basketball

Case Study: ATPI supports British Wheelchair Basketball

November 16, 2022

ATPI, is responsible for organising British Wheelchair Basketball’s travel logistical and accessibility requirements, having worked with the team parasport since October 2019, to great shared success.  

For the past three years, ATPI has supported British Wheelchair Basketball’s performance team with thorough logistical planning and required travel arrangements, transporting them to international training sessions and competitions, as well as navigating the impact of COVID and the resulting restrictions on travel.  

The British Wheelchair Basketball team faced regular challenges and complications when travelling, from accessibility requirements to transportation of expensive specialist kit. For the athletes, travel needs to be restful and stress-free. Excellent travel experiences mean the players can arrive at international competitions and training events well-rested and clear of mind, fully focused on the upcoming competition.   

Understanding the logistical requirements, of the team, ATPI focused on supporting the performance teams with experienced logistical planning that focused on details that would support stress free transportation to international events for the GB athletes. The experience ATPI has cultivated over 20 years of travel management aided the business in making diligent and efficient decisions that would best serve the athletes and staff, allowing them to focus on training and competition. 

As well as commending the work of ATPI, the British Wheelchair Basketball team also praised the Travel Management Company (TMC) on their values, passion, and dedication. The decorated parasport team is certain this is required to achieve success within performance sport. The GB team closed by recommending the services of ATPI to any sporting organisation who have athletes and staff requiring travel planning. 

ATPI Wheelchair Basketball