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Captain launches to help founders and CEOs in sports

July 10, 2024

A new agency CAPTAIN, has been launched to help Founders and CEOs in Sports ‘Share Your Voice’

The Sports Industry is competitive by its nature, yet so many senior executives, wanting to drive more authority, fame and business within the industry, haven’t been able to maximise the power of building their own personal brand.

CAPTAIN, is a personal brand agency for leaders in sport.

It is the first dedicated personal content agency for founders, CEOs & commercial teams in sports.

CAPTAIN makes it effortless for these leaders to dominate their categories, drive leads and differentiate from competitors, by leveraging personal brand content on platforms such LinkedIN, newsletters and podcasting. 

These individuals are at the forefront of driving innovation and change within the industry, but often struggle to produce high-quality content consistently, due to time, resource and content expertise.

This conflict hinders their ability to leverage personal branding for professional growth and industry influence.

CAPTAIN ensures that sports executives maintain and grow a consistent and influential presence online.

How CAPTAIN helps you share your voice

  • Dominate Your Category: Establish yourself as a leading voice and authority.
  • Drive Leads and Growth: Reach more potential clients and partners.
  • Attract Top Talent: Stand out as an innovative leader.
  • Differentiate from Competitors: Highlight your strengths and unique narratives.
  • Create Great Stories: Share resonant stories that drive engagement.

CAPTAIN is founded by Rich Johnson, a content and brand marketer with 14 years in the industry, spending time at Manchester United, Social Chain, New Balance and INEOS. 

Rich said, “I’ve been creating my own thought leadership content for many years, focused on a specific industry niche. This has led to amazing commercial opportunities and valuable business relationships that wouldn’t have been possible without sharing my ideas and tapping into the leverage that personal content brings.

“When leaders in sport started asking for help with their own LinkedIN strategy, I realised the need to solve this problem.

“With every client to date, their personal content is now outperforming their company account content. We are in the era of personality over branded company platforms. In my view, every founder and CEO in sports should be focusing on creating their own personal content. The need will only become greater.”

CAPTAIN is already working with Founders and CEOs across the sports industry, including sports rights-holders, agencies and sports tech companies.

CAPTAIN is part of Sports 3.0 – Sports 3.0 creates specialist agencies at the intersection of sports content, media, and technology.

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