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“Something I Wish I had Access To During University Was An Additional Resource Like iSportLearn”

By Community | June 18, 2021

Billy Dawson, Sales Executive at Harlequins who spent time with iSportLearn during his time on furlough with the rugby team, explains what he learnt from being involved with iSportLearn.

How did I get into sport? 

Having always had a passion for playing sports, it was clear for me that working in sport would be where my career started. After completing my Sport Business Management at Leeds Beckett University, a particularly varied course covering areas such as marketing, sponsorship, strategy, and globalisation of sport I was certain it was the right area for me.

Having exited university I applied to many roles at sports clubs and companies before finally getting my chance with Harlequins Rugby. 

How did working at iSportLearn help me?

Something that I wish I had access to during my time at university was an additional learning resource like iSportLearn.

Whilst I enjoyed the theory side of the learning at university, had I been able to have an additional resource with practical industry examples from some of the top sports leaders in the world this would have been a great additional benefit to complement my learning.

When I was put on furlough in 2020 having still been fresh into the role, I was keen not to let the time go to waste and looked for any opportunities available in the sports industry where I could broaden my knowledge during this time.

When I approached iSportConnect to express my interest, they mentioned they had this new learning platform aimed at helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds get a step on the ladder into the sports industry, something which excited me when the prospect of getting involved was voiced. 

Speaking to 60 industry leaders about how they could get involved with the iSportLearn programme was a daunting experience at first but one that I learned a lot from, these guys have a wealth of knowledge about the sports industry and being able to talk passionately about how they are helping the next generation of industry leaders and adding them to my network of people wasn’t something I had imagined a few months prior. 

Sandy and Joe integrated me into the team straight away and it was great to be on board such a brilliant initiative which I will certainly keep an eye on.

I would recommend everyone from the of 16-24 looking to get into sport to take a look at these programmes, this is the best way of educating yourself on what working in the sports industry is really like through actual examples from those who have been there and done it.

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