Benfica NFT Web3

Benfica take step into Web3 with launch of new NFT series

July 13, 2022

Benfica just launched a new interactive blockchain platform of video-moment collectible NFTs, where the moments are some of the most iconic plays of some seasons.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are designed to certify ownership of a virtual item, such as digital art or trading cards and digital collectibles, on the blockchain. The authenticity, rarity, scarcity, ownership, and other properties of NFTs are independently guaranteed, verified, and secured on the blockchain. Each purchase is original and exclusive to the purchaser. It makes it easy for consumers to trade their Benfica NFTs, at which time the NFT is transferred to the new owner.

With valuations for some sports NFTs already well over €1million, Benfica is continuing to move into the world of NFTs with its unique Video Moments NFT series – powered by Clancy.

NFTs are a new way for fans to acquire digital ownership of their truest passions.

We are doing things differently by providing a Benfica platform for our Members and fans to buy, trade, chat and enhance their NFT experiences. We wanted to give the fans more. They can collect NFT digital video moments in time, through blockchain technology, built to be extremely easy to buy and trade and accessible for all of our members and fans”, said Miguel Bento, Benfica’s CCMO.

Rem Langan, CEO of Clancy believes this launch with Benfica firmly establishes a modernized era of Video NFT collectibles on the fan-focused landscape, and hints that there is much more to come from Clancy: “Clancy enables fans to exclusively own interactive NFT video moments of their favorite teams. We are honored to kick-off this new technology with Benfica, one of the leading football clubs across the globe.” 

Benfica continues to progress in the NFTs world, with contents that are organized into 3 packs: the Primeiro Pack, our most eclectic pack and where you will be able to collect a little bit of everything: goals, defensive plays, tackles, passes that disrupt the opposing defense and much, much more; the Toque de Bola, a pack where you will find everything that makes this game beautiful. Collectors will be able to get players executing amazing dribbles, tricks, fancy footwork, nutmegs, ball control and other skills; and Top Golos, a pack that contains the essence of football: goals, a lot of goals… In every possible form that you might think – inside and outside the box, with the left or right foot, headers, team play goals, individual play goals, free-kicks, penalties and much more!

Benfica NFT Web3