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Audi completes Sauber takeover to expand commitment to F1

March 11, 2024

German manufacturer Audi have moved to accelerate and expand their commitment to Formula 1 by choosing to take a 100% stake in Swiss operation Sauber, ahead of their arrival in the sport in 2026.

In 2022, Audi – part of the Volkswagen Group – announced they would join F1 as a power unit supplier when sweeping new regulations that feature increased electrical power and 100% sustainable fuels will be introduced in two years’ time.

They opted to partner with Sauber – one of the longest-standing teams in Formula 1 – and planned to acquire a stake in the Sauber Group. However, they have now chosen to complete a full takeover of the business.

Andreas Seidl, who joined from McLaren to take the role as CEO of the Swiss operation at the start of 2023, will become Audi F1 Team CEO.

Audi say Seidl will oversee the running of the Formula 1 project and act as the “face of the future Audi Formula 1 Team”.

Seidl said: “[I] am looking forward to leading Audi into Formula 1 together with a highly motivated team as CEO of the Audi F1 Team. We have a clear roadmap for how we want to become competitive in Hinwil as well as in Neuburg [Audi’s F1 Power Unit facility].

“We have ambitious goals. Realisation of them is in progress and will be further accelerated through the complete takeover of Sauber by AUDI AG.”

Oliver Hoffmann, who is currently heading Audi’s Technical Department, will move into a newly-created position of General Representative.

He’ll be responsible for knitting together the Formula 1 team, the development of the new Audi Power Unit, the “strategic steering and activation of the programme by Audi”.

He will also become Chairman of the Board of Director of all Sauber companies.

Hoffman said: “Formula 1, is my big passion. I am convinced that by bundling responsibilities and taking over 100% of Sauber Group, we will further accelerate our preparations for the launch in 2026.

“I am pleased we were able to secure the services of Andreas Seidl as Audi F1 Team CEO. He is exactly the right man for our ambitious plan. Thanks to his broad experience from leadership roles on the manufacturer and Formula 1 team side, he will make a significant contribution to Audi’s Formula 1 project.”

Hoffman has substantial motorsport experience, having held the role of Head of Audi Sport. He oversaw international wins and championships in DTM and Formula E while Audi became the first manufacturer to win the famous Dakar Rally with an electrified drivetrain earlier this year.

Audi F1 sportsbiz