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ASOIF Signs MoU With IAEH To Measure The Value Of Major Sports Events

By Taruka Srivastav | May 12, 2021

ASOIF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH), aimed at jointly establishing appropriate “common event impact measures” which will be widely accepted and can be applied to all major sports events.

Common data standards for measuring tangible impacts of major sport events enable event stakeholders to cost-effectively assess the value of events and their return on investment. They also facilitate the comparison between events within the same sport over time as well as across different sports. Impacts to be measured include economic, reputational, social and environmental. 

The common measures will be finalised in the second half of 2021. ASOIF and IAEH will then jointly endorse recommendations, guidance and tools to help their members implement the common event impact language. As a next step, both organisations will collaborate to obtain additional support, research and funding from third-party organisations to enhance the tools available for robust measurements of impacts currently regarded as intangible. 

ASOIF Executive Director Andrew Ryan will join IAEH members at the 2021 IAEH AGM on 15th June to speak about the landscape of IF events in the coming years and introduce the MoU signed between the associations. 

The Chair of IAEH, Susan Sawbridge, said of the partnership with ASOIF: “The IAEH exists, in part, for event hosts to share knowledge and generate greater long term social and economic benefits from hosting events. A common view of event impact measurement standards is extremely helpful if we are to do this well, building a shared language for understanding and growing international events as they move from destination to destination.”

The IAEH provides a platform for ‘not-for-profit’ event hosts to collaborate on generating the best possible value from hosting major sporting and cultural events. IAEH members can learn from successes and challenges in delivering major events, sharing knowledge and generating greater long term social and economic benefits from hosting events.

ASOIF Executive Director Andrew Ryan commented: “This is a significant step for the project’s progress, as ASOIF members and IAEH members, the International Federations and City Hosts, represent the key stakeholders in major sports event delivery and hosting.”

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