Arctos Sports Partners Minnesota wild Tampa Bay Lightning

Arctos Sports Partners Reportedly Invests In Two NHL Franchises

By Community | January 4, 2022

Arctos Sports Partners has invested in two National Hockey League franchises, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Minnesota Wild, according to a new report by Sportico.

Arctos Sports Partners is a private investment platform dedicated to providing growth capital and liquidity solutions to professional sports franchise owners in major North American leagues and European soccer.

Just a few months ago Arctos had raised $2.1 billion, taking their overall assets to a reported a $3 billion.

During this announcement Ian Charles, co-founder and managing partner of Arctos, said: “In forming Arctos, we saw an opportunity to bring institutional capital to a previously inaccessible ecosystem and create a new asset class in the process.”

“Sports franchises and leagues benefit from numerous qualities that make them particularly valuable: deep customer affinity and loyalty, global must-see content, the live experience ecosystem, and scarcity. We’re privileged to collaborate with the greatest leagues, owners, and institutional investors to create the investment platform that is Arctos.”

Doc O’Connor, co-founder and managing partner of Arctos, added: “At Arctos, we’ve built a firm exclusively focused on, and dedicated to, the sports ecosystem, and our firm has been built to reflect that dedication. We are a special combination of institutional investing experience combined with deep sports domain knowledge and operating experience.”

“We bring investment capital and unique expertise to leagues, franchises, and owners to support and enhance their incredible growth trajectory.”

In December, the NHL reportedly gave their franchises the go ahead to allow private investment into each team, for up to 30% of the ownership stake.

Any single investment fund looking for a stake may not purchase more than 20% of a team, so teams looking for the full 30% would require more than one partner.

Other investments Arctos have been involved in include Fenway Sports Group (owner of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool Football Club, among others) and NBA franchises the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings.

Arctos Sports Partners Minnesota wild Tampa Bay Lightning