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APEX Capital welcomes six new athletes as investors

August 24, 2022

Investment firm APEX Capital announced today the addition of six new shareholders, from international professional football players to former Formula 1 drivers.

In addition to investing their own funds in the business, the athletes are excited to have an active approach in the company. One of the first initiatives is creating the “Athlete Council”, where all athlete-shareholders will meet the investment committee and discuss potential investments, validating what each company is trying to solve in the world of Sports, Media & Entertainment. The recent group of athlete-shareholders in APEX believe they can have a social-driven mission by battling the lack of visibility towards an athlete’s post career afterlife.

The new shareholders are a reflection of APEX Capital’s ongoing growth and progress.  Since launching in Febuary 2021, APEX has grown its funds under management, the firm has closed 12 investment deals including the early-stage investment in TMRW Sports co-founded by Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllroy. APEX has recently acquired a minority stake in X-SET, the fastest growing E-Sports Organization in the U.S. Apex now boasts a client base of over 50 professional athletes across different sports.

APEX is on track to become the go-to investor in the Sports, Media & Entertainment space. 17 months since launch date, 12 deals closed and a client-base of over 50 athletes, APEX decided to onboard strategic athletes as shareholders into the company.

António Caçorino (Founder & CEO) commented, “APEX Capital is quickly establishing itself as the go-to investor in the Sports, Media and Entertainment fields. The combined team of experienced investors and the athletes behind us allow APEX to be a differentiated investment company, who every founder welcomes to a cap table.”

“Founders and investors are quickly recognizing how strategic a successful athlete can be as an investor.  Athletes bring unique characteristics such as industry insight, competitive and winning mindsets, IP and large communities behind them.  At APEX, we understand this world better than anyone.”

APEX Capital is believed to be the first athlete-driven investment company that has a multi-sport angle. Both Europe and the U.S. have seen the rise of athlete-driven platforms backed by athletes from a single sport, usually in the same series, with the same background. The APEX-athlete community crosses athletes from Surfing, Football, Formula 1 and Formula E, Tennis and Golf. The collaboration between diverse athletes has proven to create value when it comes to investing in companies who are dedicated to shaping the future of Sports.

All six new shareholders have a vocal appetite for entrepreneurship and the business world. Said the Dutch Football star Siem de Jong: “We have experienced and learned a lot in our careers, it’s time to take those learnings beyond the pitch. Having athletes actively invested in companies is certainly very powerful, and it will empower athletes and allow them to navigate with more confidence in the business world. There’s a strong social mission embedded in APEX’s values, and our involvement reinforces that mission.”

Jan Vertonghen added “We’ve been actively investing for the past years, we have developed a healthy relationship with APEX investing on a deal-by-deal basis, but we decided it was more interesting to have full exposure to what APEX will do in the future and come onboard as shareholders. We strongly believe that athletes can be recognized beyond their performance, having an impact in the companies that we back and believe in. It will allow us to keep our minds sharp and healthy.”

World class motorsport athletes, Brendon Hartley and Tom Blomqvsit are part of the most recent athletes to become shareholders in APEX too. Bredon Hartley former Formula 1 driver for Alpha Tauri says: “Athletes are more aware of their brand value, their network and especially the struggles of the Sports and Entertainment industry. APEX has clearly nailed this thesis and has proven the concept of how much added-value athletes can bring into companies when actively invested in them. Athletes can learn a lot from this journey and get a sense of achievement outside their comfort zone and that social impact is very much present in the foundations of APEX.”

Tom Blomqvist who is currently testing for IndyCar in the United States commented: “Spending time here in the U.S. has allowed me to witness how some known athletes are tackling business activity outside their sport. Companies like APEX really empower athletes and this empowerment allows us to boost traction in our investments. Which is great for founders, investors, and athletes. APEX has a third of it’s portfolio in the USA and I wish to help increase the company’s footprint and sphere of influence in this market.”

Daley Blind (Ajax & Netherlands), Jan Vertonghen (Benfica & Belgium), plus brothers Luuk (PSV Eindhoven & Netherlands) and Siem de Jong (Former AJAX captain and Netherlands’ reference) join the firm as shareholders. The new group of investors also include former F1 driver Brendon Hartley (Toyota Gazzo Racing Europe) and racing driver Tom Blomqvist (Meyer Shank Racing Driver in the U.S.)

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