Conor McGregor Tiger Trade

Tiger.Trade announce Conor McGregor as partner

September 7, 2022

Tiger.Trade, the Swiss-regulated retail-trading ecosystem, announced that Conor McGregor, Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight and lightweight double-champion, has joined the company as an Ambassador as Tiger.Trade takes on new international markets. As a new partner, McGregor will drive awareness for the Tiger.Trade brand as the company rapidly expands its fintech solutions aimed at seasoned professionals and casual retail customers.

“Conor McGregor is exactly the person we want in our corner as we strive to lift our worldwide customers to new heights,” says Viktor Mangazeev, founder of Tiger.Trade. “Trading, particularly on bear markets, as the global economy experiences shock waves and bouts of extreme volatility, requires dedication, passion, and courage – all the qualities of this international MMA icon.”

“I’m always looking for partners and collaborators who represent the cutting-edge technology, the latest and greatest in what they do. When it comes to global finance, you need a winner’s mindset and Tiger.Trade has just that,” said McGregor. “It’s about rising to a challenge. They are real tigers, and I’m thrilled to work with them.”

In 2015, Tiger.Trade launched its headliner product. Today, more than 175,000 high-volume professional traders trust the company, with an average trading volume on the platform exceeding $6B monthly. The comprehensive Tiger.Trade platform provides tradersaccess to various financial instruments within a single workspace. Users get a robust market analysis toolkit and can handle stocks, futures, options and digital currencies – powered through the unified Tiger.Trade ecosystem.

Leveraging this extensive userbase of professional and retail-level traders, Tiger.Trade launched the industry’s first copy-trading app with blockchain-verified trading performance. Copy-trading is a form of trading that allows novice users to automatically andsecurely copy more experienced traders. Users choose and follow traders, and Tiger.Trade Copy automatically repeats each transaction, generating potential earnings for subscribers. The app rewards traders and charges subscribers a small fee only for copying profitable trades.

“Trading has never been more accessible, creating opportunities for everyone which previously didn’t exist,” said McGregor.“Tiger.Trade came up with an ingenious solution to help users roll into the world of trading.”

Conor McGregor Tiger Trade