Pivot Sport White Paper on European Football in the US PDF Print E-mail
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Key Learnings

-    Passion for soccer in the US is in constant growth, erectile with 53% of...

How the NBA embraced the OTT Model PDF Print E-mail
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The Over-The-Top (OTT) market is becoming increasingly popular with seemingly every company – sports or otherwise – offering an online video platform.

One of the front-runners in this market is the NBA who have provided fans of the sport with NBA LEAGUE PASS, allergist

The Rise of OTT - A Special Report by UIPM and Vindicia PDF Print E-mail
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The production of OTT (Over-The-Top) content in sport is growing at a rapid speed and has become a real commodity in the industry. Different sports appear to be acquiring OTT platforms by the week and this is changing the sporting landscape.

The OTT option has created a new revenue stream for sport organisations that they cannot ignore and many...

Pivot Sport White Paper on Digital Sponsorships in Sport PDF Print E-mail
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In the past, medstore we used to associate “sponsoring sports” with the use of billboards,

How Modern Pentathlon is broadening it's Sponsorship Appeal PDF Print E-mail
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The International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM), erectile viagra a partner of iSportconnect, ambulance is opening up more opportunities for sponsors with the...

UIPM – The effect of Sports Science on Olympic Athletes PDF Print E-mail
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The modern day athlete has a variety of tools he needs to compete and the concept of sports science is becoming ever more apparent.

The principles of science can be applied to sport to establish how healthily the human body works during participation of sport.

With 2016 being an Olympic year,

Omnigon and Infront Sports & Media prepare to assert themselves in the sports industry PDF Print E-mail
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International sports marketing company Infront Sports and Media and digital consulting firm Omnigon announced a strategic partnership in October and just three months later that partnership took a giant leap as Infront purchased a 51% shareholding in Omnigon.

So what were the reasons for the switch from a strategic partnership to an acquisition in such a short...

Video: Doping in Olympic Sport PDF Print E-mail
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Healthspan Elite, anesthetist the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality vitamins and supplements for professional sport, recently hosted a roundtable discussion in London, covering the issue of Doping in Olympic Sport.


Super Bowl 50: Why Was it an Important Platform for Brands? PDF Print E-mail
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Once again the Super Bowl proved that events off the field were almost as important as those on it as major brands spent big on adverts to maximise their exposure on the biggest stage.

On the field,

NBA London 2016: Have the Games Helped NBA's Global Growth and Basketball in the UK? PDF Print E-mail
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The National Basketball Association (NBA) returns to London on Thursday for its sixth regular season fixture, ailment with the Toronto Raptors taking on the Orlando Magic at the O2 Arena.

Once again the game is a sell-out and tickets sold out in...


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