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iSportconnect CEO & Founder, order Sree Varma (‘SV’) is 38 years old and lives in London. He is married with two children and has an MBA in Marketing. As a migrant to the U.K. from India with his family,
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Data is now a key part of the company-customer experience. In a market-place which is becoming more and more fractured, sale companies need to know who they are talking to, and why they are listening. Details about specific customers and their buying habits are...

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Less than two weeks ago, search the Clipper Race ended after a 40,000 nautical mile circumnavigation of the globe. LMAX Exchange, skippered by Frenchman Olivier Cardin, was confirmed as winner of the tenth edition of the event, after sailing around the world for 11 months.

The Clipper Race, a...

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On Indian Independence Day, iSportconnect takes a look at one of the biggest emerging football markets: India.



India has long been a sleeping giant in world football.

For years cricket has been by far and away the most popular sport in the country, but slowly India is also starting to inch towards...

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By Christian Radnedge in Rio

Quotas on women in prominent roles in sports business should be “sledgehammer last resort”, adiposity one of the senior figures from Ernst and Young has told iSportconnect.


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Fans want to know more about the sports they follow and iSportconnect partner SAP is supplying many top rights-owners with the tools they need to deliver richer content and enhance fan engagement.

The NFL is using big data and analytics from SAP for fantasy football to provide recommendations to fans with a player comparison...

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Modern Pentathlon goes to the Olympics in Brazil, having finally dealt with one of the sport's most difficult challenges - exposing its audience to all five sports on the same day.

The idea of a 'Pentathlon Stadium', is the latest innovation by Modern Pentathlon, after the successful implementation of environmentally and spectator friendly laser shooting & the combined event in...

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CopperBoxmainThe Rio Olympic Games are now underway, but the build-up to them has not been without controversy, with public protests, as well as issues involving security, the Zika virus and doping. It appears, at least from the outside, that public support for the Games is at an all time low.

The Games themselves last just a few weeks, with the...

On the Balancing Beam ahead of Rio 2016 PDF Print E-mail
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The Rio Games are here, with the sporting world crammed into Rio's Olympic village, the IOC will be eager to put the turbulent build up behind them.

The Zika virus, Russian doping scandal and security fears, have all overshadowed the Games.

None of which is conductive to a good medal haul. Jane Allen is the CEO of...

The five new Olympic sports - in detail PDF Print E-mail
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Tokyo2020committeeAt the 129th IOC Session, the organisation welcomed karate, baseball/softball, surfing, skateboarding and climbing to the Olympic Games for 2020. The sports are included as part of Agenda 2020, to give host cities more say in sports relevant to their local market, as well as trying to offer sports more relevant to a younger...


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