Nissan looking to use Champions League to continue Olympics momentum in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
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By Christian Radnedge

Nissan will use their global partnership with the UEFA Champions League to continue the success from their sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, discount iSportconnect has...

COMMUNITY SPECIAL: IOC Members, IF Presidents and more discuss Rio success PDF Print E-mail
Special Reports


The Rio Olympic Games came to a close almost a month ago, with the build-up to the Games fraught with negative stories about, amongst other things, construction delays, health fears over Zika, safety issues in Rio and the failure of the state government to clean up the polluted Guanabara Bay.

But as the Games...

Rio Paralympics exceeding expectations as 2 millionth ticket sold PDF Print E-mail
Special Reports


By Christian Radnedge in Rio

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games are “exceeding expectations” according to the International Paralympic Committee, symptoms as they confirm that 2 million tickets have...

Special Report - What to do when the worst happens PDF Print E-mail
Special Reports

Sharapova2016Every business will go through bad patches. But occasionally something will go badly wrong, that could threaten the business itself - a crisis.

Crisis management and preparation is becoming an essential part of running a business. With the growth of social media, news of errors in judgement and controversies can spread quicker than...

UIPM successfully introduce Bonus Round at Rio 2016 PDF Print E-mail
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The introduction of the Bonus Round Fencing to Modern Pentathlon is the latest innovation from UIPM, medic following the adoption of the Combined Event in London.

With the Olympic debut of the Bonus Round taking place in Rio UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann...

EXCLUSIVE: Talking Arsenal around the world PDF Print E-mail
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Carorla2016In modern football a handful of clubs have grown so large that they have turned into global brands in their own right. More people around the world are watching European teams play, and are looking to engage with their favourite clubs, from markets far and wide.

Mark Gonnella is the communications director at Arsenal, and...

Liberty’s mega purchase of F1 down to “uniqueness and potential” PDF Print E-mail
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John Tinker, abortion financial analyst with Gabelli & Company, has claimed that Liberty Media Company (LMCA) is paying 17 times the firm’s earnings of $479 million (£361 million) due to “the uniqueness of the franchise and potential size of the market”,

Paralympics website 'hacked' during streaming of Rio 2016 opening ceremony PDF Print E-mail
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By Christian Radnedge in Rio

Millions of people who tuned in to watch the Rio 2016 Paralympics opening ceremony on the International Paralympic Committee's website on Wednesday were let down after hackers disrupted proceedings.

The IPC's director of communications Craig Spence confirmed to iSportconnect that the website had been...

"Communication is a key part of success" - interview with iSportconnect CEO & Founder Sree Varma PDF Print E-mail
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iSportconnect is one of the World's leading sports business networks with over 23,000 members and the network is growing. Everyone in the network is a bona fide senior sports business executive, this is not open to the public. The online community continues to grow with IOC Members, IF Presidents and Sports CEOs & Chairman all regularly involved in discussions and posting...

CSR: Giving back to the community PDF Print E-mail
Special Reports

FFKaneCorporate Social Responsibility is becoming a more and more important topic in the sports world, with teams looking to give back to their communities.

In the UK, football is by far the most profitable sport. The main guardians of the sport (the Premier League, The Football Association, and the government) created the UK’s largest sports charity in 2000 –


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