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The SPORTEL portfolio of events will grow in 2018 with the addition of the new SPORTEL SUMMIT, and the direction of the expansion shows the importance that the management of the SPORTEL events puts on delivering content to the market.

For two decades, SPORTEL has organised two trade exhibitions per year. One is the flagship SPORTEL in Monte Carlo (which will take place from October 23-26 this year). The other event in the spring alternates between Asia and the Americas. This year, SPORTEL America ran from March 14-16 in Miami. A year from now SPORTEL Asia will take place once again in Singapore.

The new and different event in Miami next year -- the SPORTELAmerica SUMMIT -- will allow SPORTEL to maintain and build profile in America in the same year as the Asian trade show.

“We understand that content is important to attract delegates,” Laurent Puons, the CEO at SPORTEL’s parent company MONACO MEDIAX, told iSportconnect at SPORTEL America. “That is why we have added strong panel sessions here in Miami this year.”

About 20% of the companies at SPORTEL America this year were newcomers. There was also an increase in European attendance.

SPORTEL America is a bit smaller than the Asian event. “That is the nature of the beast,” Puons said. “We see huge potential for SPORTEL in Asia, more so than in this part of the world. The operators in the American market tend to deal with each other and there’s not so much of an obligation to be here.”

The autumn and spring markets are “contract” events, according to David Jones, the global sales and marketing agent for SPORTEL. “I tell our attendees to prepare a contract in advance because that is what the events are for, completing deals.”

The SUMMIT concept is different.

The new event will be a two-day conference under the banner of ‘Meet the Elite’ with an emphasis on high-level discussions and strong networking. The aim is to attract about 200 top delegates. SPORTEL has traditionally been about television rights, broadcasting, production and technology. The new event will widen the scope definitively to embrace sports marketing and create a forum for leaders of the whole sports industry.


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