Brazil 2014 Stadium Eases Deadline Fears after Seat Supplier Agreement is Reached Share PDF Print E-mail

ArenaPantanalAn agreement between a seat supplier for the Brazil 2014 World Cup stadium in Cuiaba has been reached, reducing the risk of missing December’s deadline.

FIFA has set strict deadlines to the organisers of the competition after stadium construction delays for the Confederations Cup earlier this year prompted fears the country could not host the World Cup.

A bidding process for the seats at the 44,000-capacity Arena Pantanal was cancelled after allegations they were too expensive, and a second process was suspended because of irregularities with a bidding company.

The company, Kango Brasil has now lowered their price which has allowed the original bidding process to become valid.

State prosecutor Clovis de Almeida said in a statement: "This deal will avoid possible losses if the construction is not delivered within the timetable established by FIFA.

Mato Grosso state Gov. Silval Barbosa added: “"We are working as hard as possible to deliver the stadium in December.

“But it's possible that we need a few more days, about 10 to 15, to finalise some details and install some of the seats. We are not worried, though, because we have a comfortable timetable until the World Cup and the test events."


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