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The Golden Lions also known as the MTN Golden Lions have received a huge setback after soft drinks giant Coca-Cola pulled it's naming rights for the Rugby clubs stadium after four years with the club.

The Lions home stadium Ellis Park has been known as Coca-Cola Park since 2008 but the Lions are now referring to the stadium a as Ellis Park - and not Coca-Cola Park.

A Lions press release this week referred to the stadium as Ellis Park and reports then followed confirming that Coca-Cola had ended their R12m-a-year deal in December last year.

The Lions then released a statement confirming that beverage company Coca-Cola had chosen not to renew their naming rights sponsorship of Ellis Park Stadium.

"We deliberated on this issue long and hard as (our sponsorship) has been a mutually beneficial association," said Craig van Niekerk, Marketing Assets Manager at Coca-Cola South Africa.

"We have however evaluated our portfolio of assets and, for the next few years, our strategy will focus on youth sports development."

"We wish the Golden Lions Rugby Union all the best in their future endeavours."


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