About Us

iSportconnect was launched in June, 2010 with the aim of bringing together sports business professionals around the world in a global sports business networking community enabling them to meet one another, share viewpoints, find information and obtain access to a wide range of relevant services.

iSportconnect is the largest global private network of Sport Business Executives where membership is exclusive and follows a strict door policy. It is a one stop platform for any quintessential Sport Business Industry executive.



- Sports Networking Suggestions / Industry introductions
- Advanced People search: by sector, sports, regions, job title & company
- Featured Discussions by industry's leading players
- Sports industry sub communities with news, announcements, discussions, videos, events and jobs
- Private Messaging


- Latest News   / Daily Newsletter (emailed daily 5 days a week)
- Featured Profiles of top executives                 
- Expert Columns by industry's leading players               
- Featured Releases & Special Market Intelligence Reports


- Featured Jobs
- Jobs by sports Sector / Region / Profession
- 'Job Organiser': A new section in your profile page to show matching roles when you login and to be contacted by our recruitment partners

Market Place

- Any Sports Business Opportunities ( e.g. Sponsorship, Investment, Bidding, Tenders,  Travel & hospitality and Consultancy opportunities ) 
- E-Shop: One shop for sports marketplace including books, research reports and other online / offline services
- Brands directory with social media capability


Accessible on tablets, smartphones and computers, the revolutionary e-publication represents a giant leap forward from conventional media, embedding video and interactive platform with in-depth editorial coverage compiled under the guidance of Editor Jay Stuart.


- Business Conferences
- Sports Calendar 
- Networking tool: To see who else is attending the event and arrange meetings with them

iSport Connect TV

iSportconnect TV is the first online TV channel for the worldwide sports business industry.

iSportconnect TV broadcasts daily news shows and weekly round-up of the major news stories, with expert insights from key people from inside the industry. iSportconnect TV also provides viewers with big one-on-one interviews and special programmes dedicated to certains sectors of the industry.

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Directors' Club - London, Dubai, Lausanne, Milan & Munich, New York & Paris

iSportconnect Directors Club are exclusive, invite‐only events for board level directors who run & finance the sports industry in major cities in the world. Each of the events would offer an unrivalled opportunity to network with some of the most influential people in international sports & sponsorship industries and provide countless opportunities for debates and discussions.

Masterclass - Digital Media & Technology, Finance, Sponsorship Brands & Stadia

Unique invite-only gathering giving middle level sports executives from specialised sports sector the chance to learn from each other, join in on group debates, and network in a relaxed environment.


iSport Translation

iSport Translation is a service specifically tailored to needs of the sports business industry. iSport Translation will provide a comprehensive range of translation services to individuals and organisations in the sports business.

iSport Capital

iSport Capital is a new investor network that provides investment opportunities for its members within the sport and leisure sector.

iSportconnect Media Training

iSportconnect has teamed up with one of the world's most talented and experienced media trainers, James Pearce, to deliver elite training to sports executives and athletes. It provides you with a media training programme that gives you the best possible preparation to deliver your sport's messages in the most effective way.

iSportconnect is doing something that has never been done before, bringing everyone from the world of sports finance, law, broadcasting, marketing & promotion and events to one place, so they can learn, discuss and benefit from the wide ranging features that we offer.



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